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Support for a Growing Workforce

Company Profile:
HomeStretch,LLC is a manufacturer of residential, upholstered reclining furniture based in Tulepo, MS. It was founded in 2010 by two industry veterans with over 40 years of experience and a long family history in furniture manufacturing. They established ambitious goals for the company's expansion, and HomeStretch grew from an initial operation of 15 employees in 2010 to 190 by 2013.

The HomeStretch leaders needed funding and training assistance to establish the new manufacturing business in Tupelo. They contacted the Center at Itawamba Community College, a NIST MEP affiliate, for support. (f/k/a Mississippi Technology Alliance) provided HomeStretch with workforce funding and an On-the-Job-training reimbursement to help the new business establish its processes and hire and train a totally new workforce.

Support from helped HomeStretch grow steadily in the short time since the company first opened its doors. It is expensive for a new business to hire and train employees, and many of the new hires had never worked in a furniture factory before. Without, HomeStretch would struggle to offset the cost of hiring so many new people. The company plans to add additional jobs as it continues to grow, and the leaders are grateful to for making it possible.

• Employs 190 people • Plans to add up to 15 additional jobs in 3 months

“When new employees join our company, it takes a while for them to learn our processes and expectations. The training assistance funding helps us to offset the start up costs associated with the hiring of these new employees and Center at Itawamba Community College’s support will play a key role in our growth plans.”

Skipper Holliman, President