Lean Product Suite    

Projects in this category are those that move beyond a general orientation or introduction to lean principles, and focus on the actual implementation of tools and practices. These tools and practices help companies produce more with existing resources by eliminating and reducing incidental work or non value-added activities. Projects in this category include but are not limited to value stream mapping, Cycle-time Reductions, Inventory Reductions, Throughput Time Reductions, Order-to-Ship Lead Time Reductions, Operating Cost Reductions, Lean Office, Cycle-time Reductions, Fixed Overhead Cost Reductions, Variable Overhead Cost Reductions, improving capacity/Throughput, Physical Flow Improvements, set up production, total production maintenance, simulations, kaizen blitzes, kan-ban, cellular design, 5S, and lean office applications. Lean product development projects are NOT included here—they are included under the Technology Services/Product Development Suite.