Success Stories    

By coordinating the work of various groups around the state toward the common goal of helping Mississippi’s small and medium manufacturers compete in the global market, InnovateMEP Mississippi is not only providing a greater level of service than would otherwise be available, but also reducing the overall cost to the state for delivering this service. This is achieved through using a common resource database to ensure that manufacturers get state-wide access to needed resources without requiring expensive duplication of these resources.

In addition, by providing a quality assessment of the client manufacturer’s needs prior to the start of any services, manufacturers can be sure that the services that are provided are the most relevant to meet their needs. In the case of state workforce development funds and other public funds, this focus on highly relevant training and services ensures that tax dollars are used in the most efficient manner possible.

Below are some Success Stories to illustrate how some Mississippi manufacturing-based companies are benefiting from InnovateMEP Mississippi:

   • Calvert Company, Inc.

   • GE Aviation – Ellisville

   • Kuhlman Electric Corporation

   • P.F.G. Precision Optics, Inc.
   • FMC Technologies

   • Zavation
   • Hol-Mac Corporation

   • VT Halter Marine, Inc. Recruiting Highly Skilled Welders to Increase New Sales
   • Auto Parts Manufacturing Mississippi Inc.
   • Excel Injection Molding
   • Huntington Ingalls Incorporated
   • Home Stretch LLC

   • Franklin Corporation

   • PSL North America Lean Manufacturing
   • Unified Brands: Lean Leadership Program
   • Quality Manufacturing Group Launches New Product for Lean Production System

   • Bad Boy Enterprises Increases Production with Lean
   • First American Plastic Molding Enterprises Achieves Energy Savings
   • Max Home Improves Production through Lean Training and Plans to Add More Jobs
   • Southern Motion Furniture Increases Competitive Edge

   • Excel Injection Molding Achieves ISO Certification
   • General Electric - Aviation Boosts Savings with Simulation Modeling and Analysis
   • Wellstone Apparel, LLC Boosts Productivity with Lean

   • Lean Manufacturing Implementation Benefits General Dynamics Armament and Technical Products
   • Hydro Carbide Retains Sales in a Tough Market
   • Solar Group Inc. Seeing Lean Results
   • Mississippi Technology Alliance Meets Manpower Needs of VT Halter Marine

   • Advanced Drainage Systems Implement Lean
   • Investment in Workforce Development Results in Huge Pay-off
   • Mississippi Fruit and Vegetable Association AAL Expands Product Line
   • International Military and Government Secures Contract to Build MRAP Vehicle

   • VT Halter Marine Awarded Contracts
   • Lane Home Furnishings Awarded "Vendor of the Year"
   • Sheldon Lab Systems Implements Bar Code System

   • Systems Electro-Coating